How we helped Delta Group keep Sydney Metro on track

When lead paint threatened to shut down the Sydney Metro project, Delta Group turned to its trusted partner PRA for support in removing hazardous materials to keep the project moving.

  • Suspected hazardous building materials (lead paint) were found on a Sydney Metro demolition site.
  • PRA undertook a formal occupational risk assessment, and provided workforce training.
  • PRA provided Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Assessment support for the safe removal and disposal of confirmed lead paint impacted materials.
  • PRA provided expert and practical advice to assist Delta Group in achieving the project timeline.


Sydney Metro is Australia’s biggest ever public transport project; with 31 stations and over 66 kilometres of new metro rail. A project of that scale, running through the heart of Sydney, requires the delivery of complex demolition works. Delta Group are a leading demolition and civil contractor managing hundreds of projects across Australia — and they are making way for the Metro running from the north west under Sydney Harbour and through the CBD to the south west.

Regardless of scale, safety comes first. So when lead paint was suspected on a site, a complex demolition project became more complicated.

Work was put on hold until the paint could be assessed and confirmed. Understanding that site shutdowns cost construction and demolition projects time and money, Delta reached out to PRA, a trusted project partner with a proven track record in contractual and Work Health and Safety and EPA legislative compliance — and in putting people and safety first to work quickly on a formal Occupational Hygiene Health Risk assessment for the site.

How we helped

PRA provided the following:

  • Occupational Risk Assessment
  • Recommendations for safety requirements (including PPE)
  • Awareness training
  • Review of relevant Australian Standards, WHS Regulations and EPA requirements,
  • Ongoing control and exposure monitoring,
  • Site compliance monitoring?
  • Staff and stakeholder communication, and KPI reporting.

PRA’s formal Occupational Risk Assessment of the site was the first step towards a compliant and healthier workplace for the Delta team, and getting back to the job of demolition.

The PRA team assessed the materials, the risks of exposure to workers during removal, and best-practice methods for disposal including waste classification requirements. Our research, into evolving legislative requirements and Australian Standards guidance on the management of lead paint, was guided by our certified occupational hygienist.

PRA provided recommendations for the removal, disposal and ongoing monitoring for a compliant, safe and healthy work environment. The sites lead paint was subsequently removed by workers trained in safe removal techniques, whilst wearing PPE and RPE approved under a site-specific Lead Paint Removal Plan.

By engaging PRA to manage occupational hygiene and hazardous material matters, Delta Group stayed focused on what they do best, delivering the demolition productively and safely while being compliant with contractual and legislative requirements.

As the Sydney Metro project continues, PRA continues to support Delta Group with occupational hygiene risk assessments, workforce training and project management of complex demolition involving the removal hazardous materials and contaminated soil challenges.

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