Our Approach

Identify, manage and protect.

Our clients’ health, safety and wellbeing is at the forefront of our daily business.

Our vision is to put trust and exceptional people at the core of managing risks in work, health & safety, environment and quality.

PRA are a privately owned and operated Australian company. Our consultants provide services Australia wide and we operate in construction, infrastructure, industrial, commercial and residential; for public, private and government clients.

PRA consultants are experienced, professional and passionate about their job and help employers to protect workers health and safety within their organisation and workplace.

Our difference

Experience, Knowledge and Expertise

Collectively PRA staff have greater than 234 years’ experience in managing property risk.

We have unrivalled expertise across government, construction (property and infrastructure), property management, not for profit and mining sectors.
Our collective of highly skilled experts enable us to pass on the knowledge and expertise to our clients.

Proactive, practical and solutions focused

At PRA we are solutions focused rather than problem focused. Our advice is proactive and practical, enabling our clients to stay at the forefront of best practice while managing their health & safety risks.

Our innovation and unrivalled expertise enable us to keep you compliant and remain at the forefront of health and safety best practice. We guarantee to provide you with simple and bespoke advice that meets your organisational needs.

Collaboration, commitment and communication

Collaboration and communication are the fulcrum of our business model and fuel our commitment to continual quality and excellence.

We actively promote and embrace client feedback because it allows us to continually improve and increase our commitment to you.

Focus, structure and commitment.

We are structured in the way that we do business with our clients. The way we manage, collaborate and communicate with our clients underpins what our business stands for and develops trust, forging strong relationships with our clients for success now and into the future.

Our process focuses on the following principals:


Deliberate and precise planning is undertaken before every job because planning promotes organisation, reduces risks, direction, facilitates coordination, expeditious delivery and control. Enabling us to provide you with quality, tailored deliverables guaranteed to meet your compliance needs.

Leadership and Participation

PRA is committed to protecting the health and safety of our leading industry experts and your workers.

PRA recognise that everyone in our organisation has an important role to play. Our inclusive culture encourages self-expression, accountability, and diversity. This allows us to come together as a cohesive unit to further enhance our capabilities and knowledge while continuing to provide a substantial and excellent service. 


PRA provide a dedicated Project Manager for each project. Project management services include:

  • Provision of tailored Project Plan and schedule documentation;
  • Liaison with local authorities, if required;
  • Produce communication letters for key stakeholders;
  • Provision of progress updates on any identified higher risk items and or remedial/removal works; and
  • Meetings to discuss overall project status.


Quality control is maintained during projects, through the appointment of a single, dedicated Project Manager leading the project team. The Project Manager will be accountable for facilitating communication regarding progress of the assessment, access, and sample testing issues. All site works and reporting processes are undertaken in accordance with our accredited  quality, environment and safety management systems (ISO 9001, 14001, 4801 and 45001). 

Performance Evaluation

Every project that PRA undertakes is regularly and retrospectively evaluated through risk management monitoring, internal auditing as well as peer and management review. These learnings (good and bad!) ensure we stay on top of our game which is vital to us and our clients.


In addition to the integrated certified QSE Management systems, PRA is also NATA certified for volume measurement and to analyse filters for Analysis for asbestos, mineral fibres (including synthetic) and organic fibres. Accreditation Number: 20447.

The system identifies roles, responsibilities and processes which are followed to ensure consistency and continual improvement of service.

PRA track and monitor the performance of all projects against our Quality Management System processes. New project personnel always receive appropriate induction and training specific to project requirements. Service quality is continually monitored and reviewed at various organisational levels, in accordance with our Quality Management System.

Our values.

Effective communication

We listen to understand and we innovate to problem solve.

Strong ethics and integrity

We aim to treat every life and the planet with respect.

Enriching the lives of our people

We strive for fun, flexibility, learning, wellbeing and safety.

Excellence in our outputs

High quality, accurate and concise outputs that share knowledge.


We strive to use technology to continue to learn and evolve risk management.