How we helped Lendlease and Theos Bros. at One Sydney Harbour, Barangaroo

When Lendlease moved into a new phase of the One Sydney Harbour remediation and excavation at Barangaroo, they needed a steady hand to continue with the complex Occupational Hygiene services required to safely progress the project.

  • Assisted in risk management, approach for the major development
  • Closing-out Asbestos removal requirements
  • Occupational Hygiene management solutions and monitoring for gas works contaminants and respirable crystalline silica
  • Heat and noise occupational hygiene requirements


The One Sydney Harbour development and remediation at Barangaroo was moving into new phase; from site remediation to building development. This work included final detailed excavation of the basement, piling, waterproofing and structures trades all working together in or directly adjacent to ground impacted by gas works by-products (e.g. coal tar). Further, the final detailed excavation included the disturbance of Sydney sandstone, which is known to contain a high concentration of Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS).

How we helped

PRA provided an onsite presence for all hands-on Occupational Hygiene including:

  • Developed site specific occupational hygiene procedures;
  • Provided consistent advice across multiple work fronts and trades;
  • Assisted in ongoing site changes to accomodate the various levels of PPE requirements;
  • Provided tiely clearance certification to assist with the progression of the project;
  • Participated in and provided ongoing occupational hygiene support and advice to a mix of stakeholders;
  • Developer and delivered onsite occupational hygiene training;
  • Advised and monitored RCS related to a new sandstone crushing system onsite; and
  • Provided RCS monitoring services for LL worker.
  • Conducted a detailed noise assessment of the structure trades.

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